Meet The Team

Quincy and Scott were first introduced by one of the original FBA Community sages, Bob Wiley. Bob had helped Quincy launch his shoe sourcing list service. Scott signed up for one of Quincy's shoe lists and got to see qualify of Quincy's training and other Seller services. During that same time period, Scott was consulting and serving Amazon Sellers through During Q4 of 2016, when Quincy's Seller account was suspended, he reached out to Scott for help with the reinstatement. That was the catalyst behind further conversations about helping other Sellers avoid suspensions. They created a full suite of essential services for account maintenance and account health. AccountDr was born to bring account management best practices to Sellers. We look forward to helping you grow and maintain your account.


Like many Amazon 3rd party Sellers, Quincy started selling on Amazon on the side while holding down a demanding full-time job. After 18 years as a hardware engineer at tech companies in Silicon Valley, Quincy decided to leave the corporate world in April of 2014 to go full-time into Amazon FBA. By March of 2015, Quincy expanded from selling to begin serving Amazon Sellers. He launched his well-known shoe sourcing service, Quincy has since built multiple software tools and services to deliver additional sourcing efficiencies. Among them are, a fully automated sourcing tool for Amazon to Amazon flips. Another app,, helps Sellers quickly build lists of profitable leads. Quincy is passionate about business efficiency, software automation, building teams, and serving customers.


Scott began his career working on Capitol Hill. After that, he managed the daily operations of a small company of 40 employees, becoming the COO. Like Quincy, Scott began selling on Amazon for the part-time revenue stream, starting in 2012. In 2012 and 2013, he was in the top 25% of Amazon sellers for Q4 and in the top 10% for Q4 of 2014. By the end of 2014, Scott left his job of 15 years to sell online full-time. He also began providing consulting and other services via,,, and Scott is focused on helping others and equipping Sellers to handle the unique challenges and opportunities of selling online.

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