Safety & Inauthentic Complaints

If you are an Amazon Seller and are experiencing any issue with an asin, we encourage you to fill out the form below.

How does it work? We gather details about your account and about the situation with the asin. We then work with you and with Amazon to craft a Plan of Action that they will accept.

How do you charge? Fees and payments are flexible. We'll let you know the cost after a thorough review. Depending upon the complexity, we may need to charge an initial fee. Total costs are typically between $500 and $1500. Certain types of cases may cost more.

What is our success rate? Over hundreds and hundreds of cases, we've had fewer than 10 that were unsuccessful since we started in 2014.

What about guarantees and refunds? We'll let you know your chances of success up front. Sometimes clients may be eligible for a partial refund if we aren’t successful. No legitimate service provider offering reinstatements can offer a guarantee of reinstatement.

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