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Testimonials What Clients are Saying

Ryan Yaple

"AccountDr takes the hassle out of needing to chase down reimbursements, feedback removal and other account maintenance chores. Best of all, reporting is simple and easy to review to ensure you know results fast."


Andrie Lesmana

"I had been using few similar services in the past, but none comes close to the level of service offered by AccountDr. Their all-in-one service is something that no one else out there provides. Thank you so much for the exceptional services."


Jason Preuss

"AccountDr has been immensely helpful to me as an Amazon seller. I especially appreciate the weekly email notifications detailing the reimbursements. Most importantly, the lines of communication are always open and assistance is easily obtained when necessary. I would absolutely recommend AccountDr to any seller on Amazon!"

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We estimate what Amazon owes you. More than 60% of potential Reimbursements come from Lost, Damaged, or Destroyed inventory. Our software goes back 18 months and provides your estimated reimbursement amount. This is a free tool.

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ASIN Change Notifications

We've brought back this much needed tool that Amazon discontinued. We’ve enhanced the capabilities for these notifications so they can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most common uses is to make sure that asin's aren't being changed by other Sellers without your knowledge. Unexpected changes often result in unhappy customers and Performance Notifications. Another extremely helpful use case is for monitoring overpayment or reimbursements owed on FBA fees and/or Storage fees that were incurred from changes in product weight and dimensions.


Parent/Child ASIN Split Notifications

For your products with variations (parent and child relationships), the parents and children can become split for a variety of reasons. This is especially prevalent if you are selling shoes and clothing. When these splits occur, it can lead to a significant reduction in sales because customers can no longer find your listings easily. We provide a great advantage to be able to merge parent/child asins much more easily and quickly to their original configuration. We help you prevent further sales drops and minimize the negative impact to your profits. If you've ever had experience dealing with the split issue, you know how tedious and time consuming the process can be. COING SOON, we will offer the option to fix the split for you as soon as the issue arises.


Hijacker Notifications

Every Private Label Seller wants and needs to know when a hijacker tries to jump on to a listing to steal sales away. All Sellers experience the need to keep track of others selling against their listings. Agencies and brand managers will find this feature extemely useful in monitoring accounts. This notification tool alerts you immediately when unauthorized parties enter your competitive space.


Negative Seller Feedback Notifications

Whenever you receive new negative feedback, it is time to take immediate action. Your customer service team must be trained to handle these and to know the proper responses. Your goal should be to satisfy the customer, to fix the problem so it doesn't happen to other customers, and to possibly get the feedback amended or removed. This all starts with knowing as soon as you receive a new negative. If you don't already pay for a separate service to manage your feedback, this might be the only tool you need.


Suppressed Buybox Notifications

We provide notifications whenever the BuyBox price of any of your active listings becomes suppressed. We actively monitor this for you as part of our comprehensive plan. With this a la carte service, you can sign up here and monitor this yourself or assign your own VA. Being able to adjust your selling price quickly can allow you to take control of the BuyBox and generate sales before your competitors discover the situation. Many people rely on a repricer for everything and this can work really well but not necessarily for all categories or all types of products. Sometimes, especially with rare, high-dollar, seasonal or super-competitive products, Sellers find there is no substitute for manual monitoring of specific asins.


Stranded Inventory Notifications

These are the notifications you need to receive whenever new items are added to your stranded inventory. We actively monitor this for you as part of our comprehensive plan. With this a la carte service, you can sign up here and monitor this yourself or assign your own VA. You want to know when more products show up in stranded for a number of reasons. Most Sellers are primarily concerned about having dollars tied up in inventory. Action is needed to get these items selling again, or get them returned to you so they aren't costing you FBA storage fees. Additionally, close monitoring of your stranded inventory can give you important clues for avoiding potential account health issues.


Listing Defect Notifications

It is critical to know if there are errors with your listings. When you have a listing you've put time into or you have a lot of inventory that isn't selling, you want to be aware of when and why that is happening. Often, your listing is only missing a photo or some minor information. Sometimes, there was a problem with a flat file feed, a typo, incorrect categorization, or something else that needs your attention. Get notified of these situations so you can take action.


Performance Metrics Notifications

You have to stay on top of your Performance Notifications and your metrics. Simply not replying to Performance Notifications in a timely manner is one of the top causes of Seller account suspensions. This alert system helps ensure you stay on top of these critical messages from Amazon.

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